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Hi, my name is Lin Kasrin, I am a BW Generation Prority Member.
I have been using BW Generation Products since Feb 2014 more than 5 years. BW Generation products and service are excellent. It has bee great being a Priority Member.
When I need to buy Care Giver items, I have no stress and worries about looking for promotions and specials because this membership already provides the discounts. I am so pleased to join this Prority Membership because I purchase items regularly.
This is so convenient and stress free for me since I am already so busy being a caregiver.
You can also save money conveniently, while providing the best care for your loved ones, I encourage you to join as BW Generation Priority Membership.
Lin Kasrin 
I am Siti Kamariah.  I have been a BW Generation customer since 2014.
Before that I was searching all over Singapore for diapers for my father.
It took quite some time for him to get used to the diapers but after using this BW generation diapers I found that this is the most suitable for my father.
I have been contacting their customer service staff Annie and she has been giving me advice all these years.
I’m also a gold priority member which was introduced to me last year. I hope everyone will use BW Generation diapers.
Siti Kamariah.